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Welcome to Victorious Veteran Consultation Services

You're probably wondering, "What's this all about?" Well, let me tell you a bit about myself and how I can help you.

My Journey

I'm Yolanda, and my journey from serving in the Air Force to becoming a Victorious Veteran has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. I've faced challenges, navigated the complexities of military transition, and learned a ton along the way. Now, I'm here to share all that with you.

Victorious Veteran Resources Consultation Packages

What I Offer

Discovering Your Benefits

Embark on a comprehensive journey to uncover every benefit you're entitled to. Our process is meticulously structured to ensure no stone is left unturned:

  • Step 1: Needs Assessment - Begin with a thorough assessment of your needs, inclusive of three tailored recommendations or referrals. Fee: $375.

  • Step 2: Comprehensive Military Record Review - Dive deeper with an in-depth analysis of your military records, ensuring a complete understanding of your entitlements. Fee: $997.

  • Step 3: Conclusion with Referrals - Conclude with actionable referrals and personalized recommendations, empowering you with the insights for informed decision-making.

Victorious Dreams Manifestation Journey

Got dreams but not sure how to achieve them? In our 60-minute session, I'll share my personal strategies for turning dreams into reality, even in tough times. It's all about the right mindset and actions. Let's manifest your victorious dreams together.

Lunch and Learn Group Consultation

Book a 'Lunch and Learn' consultation for your group at an upscale location, restaurant, or resort. This exclusive package is inclusive of a book signing session and an author testimonial, providing a unique and enriching experience. Engage in an interactive session where we explore benefits, strategies, and personal growth, all while enjoying a curated dining experience. Perfect for groups seeking a blend of education, networking, and fine dining.

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