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"Word of God in Motion: One Woman's Struggle to Save Her Family After Great Tragedy" is the true account of debut-author and motivational speaker Yolanda Winston. The book is written in honor of her amazing, one and one son, Marquis Demario Winston, who resides in Heaven. The author lost her son in a sudden and tragic vehicular accident. The fight to survive without her son was hard enough, but the young mother of three also had to figure out how to hold her marriage together and deal with the illness (and subsequent deaths) of her mother and grandmother. What do you do when it seems there are challenges every where you turn? This book will help others understand that no matter what the trial (death, marriage on the rocks, divorce or serious illness etc.), there is a way to overcome.

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Fredlisha L.

5 months ago

Be courageous in the face of adversity when you KNOW that you heard a Word from The Lord!!

Yolanda Winston’s book...I could not put down. I had to fight past the tears to see the words well😭😭. This has definitely blessed me and fueled my courage to do what I need to do. I appreciate her transparency shared it makes the read that much more of an impact to prove effective for others that must choose to push forward past the pain and fulfill their true purpose!! I finished the book in one sitting.

Coach M.

5 months ago

This book had me at the title”Word of God in Motion”

I thought I was was about the read the typical self help book, but how was I so wrong. As I read through the first 3 pages I come to learn that this was not your ordinary self help book.

Not only did this book show me God in motion through tragedy. It also showed me how

1. God always has that one person that’s assigned to keep you grounded

2. He shows you that the least likely people are the ones who will walk with you through any tragedy

3. Love covers a multitude of sin

4. When you stand firm in the Word of God you always win

5. Forgiveness is necessary

6. After a tragedy their is hope

That is just a few item. This is well worth the investment.

Yolanda thank you for sharing your tragedy so others like me can have a guide to walk through a tragedy