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Camouflaged Sisters: Stories of Strength and Resilience in Military Transition is a compelling anthology that bares the narratives of women who served in the military, showcasing their extraordinary journeys through transition. In this book, these women share their personal tales of courage, resilience, and transformation as they navigate the challenges of leaving the military and redefining their identities outside of the uniform. This book offers inspiration to others embarking on their own journey of transition and provides a powerful and transparent glimpse into the lives of women who have faced adversity and emerged stronger on the other side.

-Yolanda Winston, Co-Author

This book had me at the title”Word of God in Motion”

I thought I was was about the read the typical self help book, but how was I so wrong. As I read through the first 3 pages I come to learn that this was not your ordinary self help book.

Not only did this book show me God in motion through tragedy. It also showed me how

1. God always has that one person that’s assigned to keep you grounded

2. He shows you that the least likely people are the ones who will walk with you through any tragedy

3. Love covers a multitude of sin

4. When you stand firm in the Word of God you always win

5. Forgiveness is necessary

6. After a tragedy their is hope

That is just a few item. This is well worth the investment.

Yolanda thank you for sharing your tragedy so others like me can have a guide to walk through a tragedy

— Coach Marsha

Yolanda Winston: Author, Consultant, Speaker - Elevate Your Experience

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A woman with a story...

Yolanda M. Winston is a talented author, coach, and speaker who has transformed her life and now seeks to inspire and empower others to do the same by sharing her incredible story or redemption, survival, and love.


A retired US Air Force Veteran who has had to fight for her career, reputation, and benefits. Yolanda understands the struggles and challenges faced by disabled veterans and draws on her own experiences to provide invaluable insight, support, and guidance.


Yolanda’s story is incredible and truly inspirational. It was her incredible faith in God that helped her survive the tragic loss of her only son. She went into survival mode as her life crumbled before her eyes. Her marriage, her career, and her sanity were all at stake.


Yolanda's love of God, family, and self is one to be commended. It’s that love that drives her to share her story to instill hope in others. It is that same love that inspired her to create Victorious Veteran Resources Inc. to help other Veterans fight for the benefits they rightly earned. It is that same love that holds her family together to this day.

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Yolanda Winston’s book...I could not put down. I had to fight past the tears to see the words well😭😭. This has definitely blessed me and fueled my courage to do what I need to do. I appreciate her transparency shared it makes the read that much more of an impact to prove effective for others that must choose to push forward past the pain and fulfill their true purpose!! I finished the book in one sitting.

Fredlisha Lansana

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My overall experience has been great. The idea behind the whole concept is wonderful and so heartfelt! Very inspiring and transparent book to read. It made things very relateable.

Amazon Customer

Yolanda Winston

Yolanda is also a featured author in the Amazon best-selling book "Camouflaged Sisters: Behind the Rank Vol 4" where she shares her testimony of overcoming hardship and loss. She was featured twice in Women Who Served Magazine and in Guard and Reserve magazines.

Veteran Resources Inc., Yolanda seeks to help Veterans transform their lives through the art of storytelling by sharing her story of redemption.

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